Museo Camera is the result of the coming together of two major names in the National Capital Region.

The Government of Haryana, through the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram that is providing a platform for the creation of a museum like India has never seen before for the exhibition of the historical and contemporary treasures and endeavors to promote arts & culture in Gurugram. 

The India Photo Archive Foundation (IPAF), with its historic collection of archival photographs, expertise in the field and commitment to spreading awareness and education in the art of photography, and encouraging public interest and engagement with our historical and cultural heritage. 

Together they seek to make Museo Camera a symbol of excellence and emerge as a place for learning and showcasing contemporary photography including providing a platform for emerging and established artists from various genres of photography, and to establish it as a celebration of photography and its evolution as an art form and a medium of human expression. Above all, both seek no profit from this endeavour, and commit that earnings, if any, shall be invested back to further the aims and objectives of Museo Camera.

Museums such as ours can be integral spaces for learning and exploring and we encourage students of all age groups to visit us.


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