Dhrish Academy is a renowned institution that offers photography workshops and courses, catering to both amateur and professional photographers. The academy is committed to providing high-quality and in-depth education in the field of photography.

The faculty at Dhrish Academy consists of a mix of permanent and visiting instructors, all of whom are accomplished photographers in their own right. Some notable faculty members include:Dinesh Khanna, Aditya Arya, Parthiv Shah, Aashish Chawla among others

These faculty members, along with other instructors at Dhrish Academy, collectively contribute to creating a dynamic learning environment. Students benefit from their diverse perspectives, technical knowledge, and practical experience, receiving comprehensive training to enhance their photography skills.

Whether you are a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your craft, Dhrish Academy aims to provide a platform for learning and growth in the field of photography.

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