Historical Photographic Printing Processes

  • 22 Mar 2023
  • Author One

Photographic technology over the last few decades has allowed us to create near perfect images sometimes in seconds and there are very few of us today who stop to think of the revolution in the field of photography that has allowed us to reach where are today. Traditional photographic printing processes take us back in time and help us understand how the art form developed and grew across the world. At Museo, we have been experimenting with and teaching a few different printing processes and through this blog will be sharing relevant content that will help you all dig deeper into the world of alternate processes.

The Daguerreotype was one of first commercially available and successful printing processes. Formally announced to the public in 1839 by French inventor Louis Daguerre, this process allowed photographers to create images on highly polished silver plates. Read more about the process below -

- Britannica

- The Met

- The Atlantic

- Science & Media Museum

- George Eastman Museum (video)


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