The Museo Camera was founded by Aditya an eminent photographer and archivist, and has grown out of the personal collection, who has been collecting antique cameras for many years. The collection consists of a rare collection of antique cameras that date back to the 19th Century. The Museo Camera will be one of a kind in this part of the world and gives a unique chance to the public to view these cameras, which hold a very strong historical significance not only in India but to the world. The Museum in making will be the most significant landmark for anyone interested in visual arts.
I personally feel that although in India there are many museums which deals with classical and ancient arts there are hardly any museums which evokes modern history of India. The Museo Camera will fill that void and will be inspiration for all the photo enthusiasts of India.



Museo Camera is one Photographer, Aditya Arya's, dream, but will be a paradise for every Photographer and Photography enthusiast for generations to come. The collection of vintage cameras is good enough reason for the Museum to be the 'Tirthsthan' for photographers, but this coupled with Aditya's knowledge and research about the cameras and photographic processes and his expertise as a Historian, will ensure that all these are displayed and the information disseminated creatively. That will be the real magic of Museo Camera and I look forward to continue being a student of Photography through this marvellous resource. 
If Photography plays even the smallest part in your life, and it surely does in everyone's today, then you must reach out and contribute to Photography History being created in India.



"At Avid Learning, we truly believe in the power institutions like Museums have to facilitate learning at any age. This new institution would surely open up many more avenues for learning about photography and the archive. We look forward to a continued collaboration with Aditya Arya and the India Photo Archive and wish them all the best in their efforts to make this Museum come to fruition."


Vice President, CEO, AVID Learning | Essar Foundation

"Today smart cities need lot more than basic infrastructure (which is a basic right). They need cultural hubs. Camera museum will be one of its kind in the country and we are grateful to Aditya to offer his wealth collected over a few decades to the city of Gurgaon." 


Co-Founder, I am gurgaon 

"Museo Camera" Museum of cameras, its a proud moment for me as I have had the privilege to spend some time with Aditya during the sprouting of his dream that has turned into a humungous tree. 
While our Indian photography evolved along side the west, we have hardly had any documentation or archives of this evolution. 
Its great to see his vision evolve to this public museum in our country.
A big thanks to Aditya for his relentless effort, hard work and persistence towards archiving the progression of cameras and photography, which has allowed us and the future generations in India to educate ourselves about the biggest language in the world called "Photography". 
I am happy to contribute to the medium which I owe my expression to and hope everyone comes forward in support of this beautiful gift to us by Mr. Arya. 
ThankyouAditya lucky to have you around.



" Photography    as we know has been part of the Indian landscape for about 150 years. It has evolved and spread from European photographers documenting India to today’s digital masses. But there is one critical link missing of where it all started. Museo Camera is going to fill that gap, not just as a museum for cameras but also as an archive and processes involved. It’s a one of a kind space which will share experiences not only with photographers but with people who are interested in the history of visual documentation in India. For the very first time in India, we have an opportunity for such an engaging platform for photography."   


Photographer & Installation Artist

" In today’s rapidly changing world our moral responsibility of leaving behind inspiring legacies for future generations assumes greater importance than ever before. ​
And, ‘Museo Camera’, with untiring effort & governmental support is creating one such legacy. ​
‘Museo Camera’, lovingly steered by Aditya Arya & his dedicated team, is building a citadel of immense cultural importance. A Centre for the Photographic Arts which will not only be a critical repository of rare & antique cameras but also a Centre which will foster & nourish our irreplaceable Artistic Cultural Heritage for all future generations."