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A place to learn the art

and science of photography 


Museo Camera is a place of confluence – where learning, teaching and research all come together. Through exhibitions, workshops for schools and colleges, courses, certificate and diploma programs and public events, it will fulfil its primary mission of teaching and educating the young and the old in the science and technology, the art and aesthetics of the photographic image.


Facilities and expertise to teach the basics of Cyanotype, Albumen, Salt printing process and Wet Plate Photography. Teaching is aimed at various levels of participants –beginners, enthusiasts, professional archivists, etc – and include teaching printing on hand-coated paper, making Glass Plate Negatives using 100-year-old antique cameras, mixing light-sensitive chemistry, as well as how to sensitize, expose, and process the photographic image


school visits for up to 200 students at a time through hands-on activities, gallery visits and educational experiences. These can be customised as per the school's requirements


Learning Spaces include 3 flexible seminar rooms as break-out rooms.​ A seminar room is also available as a multi-media resource centre.

To organise school visits and workshops please write to us at 

photography workshops in gurgaon

Workshops, talks and interactive sessions by professionals and visiting experts in the field of various genres of photography and photography-based art are a regular on the Museo Camera calendar of events.

dark room etc
printing on hand-coated paper, making Glass Plate Negatives

At Museo Camera, a fully functional dark room facility is available. It is a space to discover the magic and practice of the art of analogue photographic development and printing.

workshops and courses
photography museum jobs internships for arts college students

Internships at Museo Camera offer a unique opportunity to learn and meet people in the field of the visual arts. The work includes planning and executing, facilitating workshops, organising shows, talks, events, handling outreach programmes, as well as marketing and social media outreach.

photography and camera resourse centre & library

The resource centre is a repository of photographic equipment and technical knowledge on vintage as well as contemporary photography processes. The resource centre will act as a catalyst in bringing together artists and photographers on a common platform, facilitating the process of a dialogue.

The library has over 800 books ranging from Photography, Art, Culture & various other related topics. The library is not a lending library, rather a reading room that is free and open to all.

resource centre & LIBRARY
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