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We invite you to become a part of our Museo Camera

By donating your images and photographic equipment

Don't  let your images be lost 

Don't let your cameras be lost

Each piece of equipment or image has a story

and the history behind it

Your collection may be a major boost to the museum.

Your gifts will be looked after 

We have a  gift policy which will always keep your gifts attributed to you and acknowledged

We are also looking for family albums and will be happy to work out arrangements with you.


Success! Message received.


General donation & sponsorship to Indian Photo Archives Foundation are exempted under sub sec (1) section 80G of Income-Tax Act 1961

Indian Photo Archive Foundation is registered u/s of IT Act,1961 vide order no.-F No. CIT/FBD/Tech/2010-11/12A/114/27 dated 02.09.2011.

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